Why Hugo for Corporate Development teams?

Stop managing everyone in your head. You need an efficient way to get this stress out of your mind and into a tool that keeps you organized. Hugo lets you build genuine relationships without the manual upkeep.



Keep your deal flow humming with contact records that update themselves - when you last spoke, their email, company valuation, latest funding round, or acquisition.

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Brains are great at forgetting. Manage more relationships at once with automated prompts to reach out after key events like fundraising, valuation and job changes.

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Leverage your team’s network to find and secure the best partnerships. Stay in sync on who’s managing which contacts and companies. Never double up on work.

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"Networking frequency is key for me and my team. This is the first time we are able to gain visibility into our team's networks - covering more ground with less work."

Sarah Farina
VP, Corporate Development, Recharge


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