Why Hugo for Entrepreneurs?

Relationships are the secret to securing the best investors, advice and talent to build your company. Hugo is lightweight software that helps you automatically manage high potentials in your network who are critical to getting your business off the ground.



Spreadsheets that never go stale. Stop wasting time updating when you last spoke, personal and company info - now Hugo does it for you.

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Brains are great at forgetting. Manage more relationships at once with prompts to reach out after key events like fundraising and job changes.

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Leverage your team’s network to drive the best sourcing opportunities and stay in sync on key people in your networks.

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"My Tracker has a number of investor and advisory relationships that are make or break for my start-up. Regardless of how chaotic my week is, Hugo keeps my network in check.

Theo Woodroffe
CEO and Co-Founder, Comparably


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