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Who Hugo helps

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Stay top of mind with all the people who you need to build your business. Attract investors, pick up the best talent and secure early partnerships.


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Spend your time servicing relationships not spreadsheets. Hugo ensures your clients, accounts and media contacts never fall through the cracks.


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Corporate Dev

The best business comes from existing relationships. Differentiate your deal-flow by leveraging high-potential relationships in your team's network.


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Self-updating data

Hugo creates and maintains your relationship records for you. Relevant data like when you last spoke, what's changed in their business and the best time to call, are all populated and kept up to date for you. Ditch the old spreadsheets.

"Finally my spreadsheet stays current without me having to do anything."

Mike Davidson, Twitter

David Presnell, Kimberly Clark

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Know when to reach out

You're only human, let Hugo do what you can't with prompts to reach out. Get alerted at opportune times like when you haven’t spoken in a while, your contact raises money or when leadership changes. Strategic communication means you build thriving (not just lasting) relationships.

"Hugo takes the guess work out of managing my network. It lets me use the big moments to invest like stock movements and executive changes to reach out."

Katerine Paden, LiveLocator


Team-based relationship management

See who your coworkers have already interacted with or who they need to follow up with and collaboratively manage your team’s high-potential relationships.

"It's important to know who my co-founder has already reached out to so we don't double up or look stupid. The true value of Hugo is in our combined interactions."

Benjamin Tsao, Revcellerate


“Finally there's a piece of software that understands the flexible way we manage relationships. To us, relationships are investments not transactions."


Elias Bronava
Head of Partnerships, Autodesk

“This is a tool my team actually wants to use. With no training and no data entry we get a product that focuses the team on strengthening relationships. ”

Michelle Ridges
Creative Director, InnovAge

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