Strategic Relationship

Get the most out of your network.

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Automatic meeting preparation

With Hugo in your pocket, get automatically briefed for every meeting. Each personalized bio makes sure you know what matters before walking into the room.

"With back-to-back meetings, I don’t have time to prepare for every one. Hugo instantly tells me exactly what’s relevant so I’m never flustered"


Stop relationships from going cold

With automated reminders and pre-populated emails, do more with less - You worry about work and Hugo will take care of your relationships.

“Life saver! Hugo just knows when I need to take action and ensures I never let relationships fall through the cracks”

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Pickup where you left off

With private notes, keep track of important takeaways and insights. Hugo gives you perfect recall to strengthen the relationships that matter.

“The best feeling is calling someone I care about and having Hugo prompt me where we last left-off. I now have perfect memory, don’t waste time and impress every time!”

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